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  • Achievements Unlocked

    As you work through this course you can unlock Achievements. But we won't be making it easy on you soldier. You will need to work with your squad in order to unlock them all. Also keep an eye out for "Slouch Hats" as they will reveal secrets when clicked.

    You can use the Officers Mess to share your discoveries and co-ordinate your battle plan with your squad at any time throughout the course/mission.

    Good luck soldier!

  • The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War was the longest major conflict in which Australians have been involved; it lasted ten years, from 1962 to 1972, and involved some 60,000 personnel. A limited initial commitment of just 30 military advisers grew to include a battalion in 1965 and finally, in 1966, a task force. Each of the three services was involved, but the dominant role was played by the Army.

  • Conscription

    Australia’s national service scheme was introduced in 1964, and although it was not brought in to enable Australia’s participation in the Vietnam War, large numbers of people believed this to have been the case. Opposition to the scheme, which grew increasingly widespread once national servicemen began to be sent to Vietnam, became the catalyst for broader opposition to the war.