Topic outline

  • Introduction

    This course was developed to demonstrate 10 different ways to use Restricted access and Completion settings within Moodle topics, resources and activities to help engage your learners in your course.  Feel free to copy and adapt the ideas you see here - make your courses marvelous!

    Note: I am not suggesting that these settings are a silver bullet for thoughtfully developed and carefully mentored online courses - but I do believe they can help make an online space easier and more fun for both you and your students.  Use wisely!

    The images used throughout this course were sourced from,, and  No copyright infringement is intended.

    Many thanks to the following marvelous Moodlers for their inspiration along the way - without them, this course would not have been made :D

    Julian Ridden

    Merrin Bennett

    Shane Elliott

    Mary Cooch

    Tomaz Lasic

    Mark Drechsler

    and of course, Gerwood Stewart and BJ Klein

    • Checklist labels

      A quick way for students to see their progress - using standard Moodle functionality!

    • Audience specific content

      Showing content that's relevant for a specific audience - previously done with a hack usage of groups and groupings (yech!).

    • Acceptance of policies/agreements

      It may be necessary for your students to accept a policy, or agree that they've read and understood the requirements of the course before they can proceed with the main content and activities.  This technique allows you to restrict the entirety of the course based on the student agreeing to your required policies.

    • A choice of assignments

      We can offer students an option to do one of a selection of assessments, but what happens when they do more than we needed them to?  This use of completion and restriction settings combines with settings in the grader report to make sure your students only do one of the assessments on offer!

    • Choosing a stream

      If you want your students to choose a more involved project stream, consisting of a collection of activities, then its time to look at restricting topic sections!  By using the the labels below, we can restrict access to two sections of the course.