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Top 10 uses of Conditional Activities!

This course was built to demonstrate 10 different ways of using Moodle's Completion and Restriction settings to build conditional elements within your Moodle course. If you'd like to discuss these ideas further, tweet me @moodlechick -and share the Moodle love!

Within this course you can explore the more advanced Moodle features available. For a full demo of Moodle as a teacher or administrator, please visit http://school.demo.moodle.org.

An online course providing support and training for new features within Moodle 2 and how they can be used in teaching. 

The course is designed to develop knowledge and understanding of features and to enable the sharing of ideas with other teachers on how these features can be applied to teaching and learning. 

It uses the features of Moodle 2 that you will be learning about to get the experience as a learner and gain the knowledge required by the teacher.

This course demonstrates how you can, using conditionals and completion tracking in Moodle, create an engaging course using Gamification techniques.

Heard about the awesome powers of ePortfolios?  Want to try it out for yourself?  This course gives you the option of trying out the Mahara Assignment plugin, both from a student and a teacher perspective.  This site is linked to a sister Mahara site, so you can experiment with every step of the process - have fun!